Swiss Laser & CNC Swiss Machining

The new Tsugami “Swiss Laser” was designed and built by Rem Sales’ sister company, Innovative Machinery Group (IMG). The company is quick to point out that the IMG laser is not simply an attachment to the machine, but is an entirely new system fully integrated with the machine. “This is not just a Swiss machine with an attached laser,” Mr. White says. “We didn’t just bolt a laser head onto the machine and give it a couple ‘M’ codes. This is a fully integrated system that operates on a single software platform.” • integrated laser cutting capability. • combines six-axis Swiss machining with the ability to laser cut work pieces. • customers demand machines that can eliminate secondary operations • If the laser is not involved processing a part, it does not interfere with the Swiss machining. Although making watch parts, electronics and other small, precision components is still a significant market for the Swiss machines, medical applications have been growing by leaps and bounds. As a result, many Swiss turning shops are branching from traditional machining technology into finding other ways of making parts for their customers. These shops embrace multitasking in part because of its flexibility and throughput abilities, but also because it can add machining processes beyond only turning. The Swiss Laser represents the step in this direction and reflects the continued integration of machining strategies made possible by combining mechanical and electronic technologies in new, different and productive ways. All of the laser cutting operations are programmed and driven from the machine’s FANUC 32i-B CNC. The nozzle standoff adjustment and the laser’s frequency, pulse width, focus and power settings are all adjustable “on the fly” through programmed commands in the machine’s control.

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