Aluminum Dip Brazing

The dip brazing process allows simultaneous joining of multiple joints with varying material thicknesses. The resultant joints are leak-tight and EMI shielded. As the parts are uniformly heated with minimum fixturing, only minor distortion results. This minor distortion is easily managed with proper tolerancing and design of components.

The parts are cleaned of excess oxides. Parts are then assembled with the proper filler metal applied. The form of filler alloy varies to suit the type of joint. Parts are placed onto stainless steel fixtures or baskets. The fixtured assembly is heated to 1050F in a pre-heat furnace and then immersed in a bath of molten salt that contains a flux. The molten flux (1100F) serves a multi-purpose role: providing heat transfer, supporting the assembly, and of course, fluxing the joints. Immersion time required will vary, but generally is less than two minutes. During the course of this cycle, filler metal will melt and flow to all joints through a capillary action. The assembly is removed from the bath, cooled, and cleaned; ready for further processing.

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