Sand & Shell Castings

Casting is a process in which molten metal is poured or injected and allowed to solidify in a suitably shaped mold cavity. During or after cooling, the cast part is removed from the mold and then processed for delivery.

Casting processes and cast-material technologies vary from simple to highly complex. Material and process selection depends on the part's complexity and function, the product's quality specifications, and the projected cost level.

Sand & Shell Casting gets its name from the process used to create the mold. It is used when extreme dimensional accuracy and precise duplication of intricate shapes are the principal requirements. Steps in the mold creation:

  1. A metal pattern(or several patterns) is placed on a metal plate.
  2. The pattern is coated with a mixture of fine sand and phenolic resin.
  3. The pattern is heated and the resin is allowed to melt to the specified thickness.
  4. The resin is cured.
  5. The excess sand is dumped.
  6. The hardened mold is stripped from the pattern.
  7. The resultant "shell" duplicates the pattern in reverse, with the shape of the pattern forming either a cavity or a projection in the shell.

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