Rubber Mold Castings

Casting is a process in which molten metal is poured or injected and allowed to solidify in a suitably shaped mold cavity. During or after cooling, the cast part is removed from the mold and then processed for delivery.

Casting processes and cast-material technologies vary from simple to highly complex. Material and process selection depends on the part's complexity and function, the product's quality specifications, and the projected cost level.

Rubber Mold (spin) casting is typically used for rapid prototyping of complex parts. A mold is prepared from uncured silicon rubber and then is cured in a heated vulcanizing press. The resulting mold is tough, resilient, dimensionally accurate, heat and chemically resistant. The mold is placed into a spin casting machine and liquid metal, plastic or wax is is poured in. Pressure caused by centrifugal force pushes the liquid through the mold's runner system, completely filling every section, corner, detail and surface finish in each mold cavity. It is a precision casting process producing high integrity, close tolerance parts comparable to die casting or plastic injection techniques. KEYWORDS for this process: casters, moulds, moulding, moulders, molds, molders, molding

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