Cleaning & Degreasing

The need for contract cleaning, in applications ranging from industrial metal parts to critical parts for microelectronics or medical devices, continues to gain momentum in today's manufacturing environment. As the complexity of cleaning technologies has increased, so have the costs and skills required to apply them. Meanwhile, an increasing number of applications are requiring clean room environments in order to achieve, verify, and maintain specified cleanliness levels. When weighing the costs and benefits of an in-house cleaning operation against those of outsourcing, the choice is often relatively easy, especially when critical parts must be cleaned to extreme levels of verifiable cleanliness. "Parts cleaning" is a diverse classification that encompasses many types of specialized parts, cleaning chemistries, and processes. In a general sense, the term refers to the gross cleaning performed during or after the manufacture of industrial parts, such as automotive, machinery, or machined metal parts. However, it is also being used increasingly for the maintenance, repair, and refurbishment (remanufacturing) of various parts, components, and instruments. For many jobs, the use of conventional parts washing or degreasing equipment is sufficient to remove machining oils, lubricants, grease, and other soluble surface debris that can be readily seen without the aid of magnification. But jobs requiring the removal of smaller particles and verification of cleanliness demand a higher level of expertise. KEYWORDS for this process: precision parts cleaners

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