Fluidized Nylon Coatings

Fluidized Bed coatings are applied by submerging a preheated part into a "bed" of material. The powder bed of material is fluidized by the diffusion of air through the powder. This aeration reduces the density of the material and allows the part to be dipped into the powder. The material melts and flows onto the preheated part, completely coating the exterior surface. Fluidized bed dipping allows a coating to be applied in a thickness of up to .080 inches.

Fluidized Bed Powder coatings are utilized extensively to coat baskets, racks and brackets. The benefit of dip coating these types of parts is that despite their irregular shapes, the powder melts into and coats those hard to reach places. Other than nylon, materials often applied include vinyl and epoxy. KEYWORDS for this process: fluidized bed dip powder coating, fluidized bed coating, fluidized bed coatings, bed dipping

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