Tumble & Vibratory Deburring

One of the most common applications for abrasive finishing is to remove burrs, including heavy, light, and feather burrs. The process can be used to smooth a surface, as preparation for plating, or rough a surface, as preparation for painting. Deburring can eliminate unwanted sharp edges on parts or create a specified radius. This process is also widely used for cleaning prior to other finishing processes. Tumble Deburring removes sharp edges or burrs, and smoothes surfaces of metal components. It can be done as a wet or dry process. A six- or eight-sided machine with either horizontal or vertical axis is used with abrasive "stones". The abrasive stones are various geometric shapes and sizes and commonly made of ceramic, plastic or steel, in several cutting grades, from fast cut to fine finish. With Vibratory deburring, the parts to be finished are placed in a vibratory machine, usually with abrasive media, water and compound. Action or movement of the vibratory machine causes the media to press and rub against part surfaces, edges and corners to alter surface characteristics. The compound emulsifies the soils and carries them away from the parts. KEYWORDS for this process: tumbling

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