Small Hole Drilling EDM

EDM - Small Hole Drilling (also known as "Small Hole EDM" or "Hole Popping") is a specialized component of Electrical Discharge Machining (see below). This process can drill holes in any conductive material (regardless of hardness or toughness) more quickly and accurately than conventional drilling. The process is burr free and very accurate. It can produce holes from 0.002" to 0.125" in diameter and typically ranging in size to 12.0" high x 20.5" wide x 24.0" long.

Electrical discharge machining (EDM), sometimes referred to as spark machining, is a nontraditional method of removing metal by a series of rapidly recurring electrical discharges between an electrode (the cutting tool) and the workpiece in the presence of a dielectric field. The ensuing minute metal chips are removed by melting and vaporization, and are washed away by the continuously flushing dielectric fluid. EDM can cut materials regardless of their hardness or toughness, but is limited to the machining of electrically conductive workpiece materials.

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