Eyelets & Drawn Shells

Eyelets are electrical connectors for deep-drawn electrical parts, fabricated on eyelet transfer machines. Materials include steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum alloys. They are used in computers, syringes, detonator caps and other electrical, military, medical and computer applications.

In contrast to regular punch presses used for deep drawing, eyelet transfer machines stamp mostly smaller parts at extremely high volumes. Deep drawn parts are commonly formed on single stage hydraulic presses that fabricate low volumes of parts at a slow rate. Parts manufactured on eyelet transfer machines tend to be thinner, but tolerances are usually much tighter. Tolerances on transfer machines range from 0.002 inch on diameter to 0.005 inch on length. Eyelet volumes can range from 100,000 parts up to several million. KEYWORDS for this process: rivets

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