Heat Sealing Welding Plastics

When you need to fabricate an item from two or more pieces of plastic, you need a way of welding them together. When you need to weld sheet materials together in an overlapping fashion, the preferred method is Heat Sealing. In Heat Sealing, the two or more pieces of sheet plastic to be welded together are placed in a Heat Sealing Machine, which looks like a large punch press with a Heat Sealing Die where the punching die would usually be.

When the plastic is in place and the machine is activated, the die comes down to the platen holding the material to be sealed, and the die is energized - either with Heat Energy or with Radio Frequency Energy. This heats the material and, along with the downward pressure that the head of the press is exerting, seals the material together in the desired shape.

Heat Welding is a method of melting and fusing together the overlapping edges of separate sheets or sections of polymer modified bitumen, thermoplastics or some uncured thermoset roofing membranes by the application of heat (in the form of hot air or open flames) and pressure. KEYWORDS for this process: solid state welding process, ultrasonic, welders, sealers

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