Laminated Object Manufacturing

Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) systems are used for immediate creation of complex 3-D objects directly from computer images or CAD data. The parts produced with LOM machines are primarily used for secondary manufacturing processes such as silicon molding, spray-mew tooling and plaster, sand and direct investment casting. The LOM process can be applied to many innovative industries such as automobile, aerospace, medical, computer and electronics.

The patented LOM process uses a single laser beam and thin sheet materials to create solid objects of virtually any complexity. The sheets, which are precoated with heat sensitive adhesives, are laminated one on top of the other in order to create a multilaminar structure. Once the layer is bonded, the CO2 laser cuts the outline of the specific cross-section. Each layer of material represents a thin cross-section within a 3-D object so this fully automatic and unattended process continues until all layers are laminated and cut, creating a solid 3-D output from any CAD design. KEYWORDS for this process: rapid prototyping, models, patterns, laminate, laminating, laminator

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