Precision CNC Machining

CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control: in a machine shop, any machine that is controlled by a computer. A CNC machine is well suited for jobs that require high levels of precision, parts with very complex shapes (often multi-dimensional) and repetitive jobs that require anywhere from a few to hundreds or more parts be made identical. Since a computer controls the movement of the cutting tool, the parts are made to very precise specifications. The design data is input in the form of CAD files. The CNC machine then cuts away from a standard sized piece of material until the product meets the specifications.

Work that requires extremely close tolerances (in the one micron to 100 micron range) calls for Precision (or Ultra Precision) CNC Machining. This level of preciseness requires not only sophisticated equipment but also experienced specialists in programming, fixture design and development. KEYWORDS for this process: high speed

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