Measurement - Equipment

Stringent demands of technology in manufacturing processes require documented quality that is difficult to obtain. To meet the challenge, computer enhanced measurement equipment is used. Highly accurate inspection instruments are used to measure what has been machined and document it for verifying accuracy. Measurement is performed to verify that a workpiece conforms to specified tolerances, such as dimensions, colors or textures. These processes are often done in a humidity and temperature controlled inspection room.

Solving part measurement problems that defy conventional solutions takes a tool with unique characteristics, such as six axes of movement, broad measurement span, ease-of-use, and portability. Multi-axis arm-type measurement systems are used for parts with obstructed lines of sight, parts or tooling that cannot or should not be moved during the manufacturing process, situations where it might be useful to have measurement capabilities in the field, reverse engineering applications for manufacturing operations that can't justify having a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and large contoured edges or three-dimensional surfaces that need to be digitized for analysis.

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