Electropolishing Metal Finishing

Electropolishing (electrochemical polishing) is similar to electroplating, except that in electropolishing, metal is selectively removed rather than deposited. Under proper conditions, metal is removed uniformly, thus causing smoothening and/or brightening. In addition to smoothening and brightening operations, electropolishing is used for many other applications, including the reduction of friction, fatigue, and out-gassing.

Electropolishing provides superior results in antistick and release properties, wear and corrosion resistance, and passivity. It is also used as a means of inspecting metal surfaces and welds, and as a means of controlling size and/or weight. Electropolishing is applicable to a great variety of metals and alloys, the most popular being: aluminum and aluminum alloys, copper and copper alloys, iron, steel, and stainless steels. KEYWORDS for this definition: electropolishers

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