Plating Metal Finishing

Plating or Electroplating is the process of depositing a coating of one metal on the surface of another while immersed in a chemical solution (called an electrolyte) by passing an electric current through the item. The electrolyte often contains the metal in solution, as a metallic salt. It is transferred from the solution and/or from a positively charged anode to the negatively charged object. The deposited coating or layer can be very thin and is measured in millionths of an inch. Most plated parts are composed of three plated layers. The first is usually a copper plate to seal the metal base and provide a good base for the next layer. Secondly, a layer of nickel is deposited to further seal, and in some cases brighten the surface of the part. The last layer is usually the only one actually seen. KEYWORDS for this process: electroplating, barrel plating, nickel, copper, zinc, tin-zinc alloy, clear trivalent, chromate, electroless nickel, cadmium, matte alkaline tin, bright acid tin, brass, tin zinc, antique copper, precious metal, platers

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