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Proto Labs Bolsters Metrology Lab with Automated 3D Scanning and Inspection System

3D Printing

The company hopes to boost accuracy and speed time to market with a new CyberGage360 from Laser Design

MINNEAPOLIS–Laser Design, Inc., a subsidiary of CyberOptics and a provider of 3D scanning systems and services, recently reported that Proto Labs has adopted its CyberGage360® 3D Scanning and Inspection system. Proto Labs, a digital manufacturing source for custom prototypes and low-volume production parts, prides itself on providing "unprecedented speed-to-market value for designers and engineers."

"At Proto Labs, we strive to challenge the traditional rules of manufacturing in order to deliver custom manufactured components at unprecedented speeds," said Dylan Lundberg, senior manufacturing engineer of Protoworks, Proto Labs' R&D lab, in a press release. "Everything we do revolves around reducing our customers' time to market, and we do that by digitalizing the entire manufacturing process. From our front-end services to our proprietary processes on the manufacturing floor, you will find three consistent objectives: it's fast, it's easy, and it maintains the digital thread. The CyberGage360 comfortably satisfies all three of these needs. It is the synergistic solution we were looking for to be at the focal point of our lab and future metrology offerings."

CyberGage360 is reported to greatly facilitate quality assurance by allowing anyone to be an inspector of in-process and incoming and outgoing parts on the manufacturing floor or in the metrology lab. Incorporating CyberOptics' proprietary 3D Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS) technology, the automated CyberGage 360 brings significantly greater accuracy and scanning speeds to the industrial parts inspection and reverse engineering markets, Laser Design said in the press release.

"3D scanning of complex parts now simply involves opening a door, putting your part in, and pressing a button," said C. Martin Schuster, president and CEO of Laser Design. "The result is a highly-precise 3D scan with a full 3D inspection report in just a few minutes. We are delighted that Proto Labs, an on-demand manufacturing powerhouse helping shape Industry 4.0, has adopted the CyberGage360 systems in their state-of-the-art metrology lab."

Designed for use in general purpose metrology, the CyberGage360 has a range of potential applications for consumer electronics, medical, automotive, aerospace and other verticals, where high accuracy and high speed throughput are vital.

"We are very excited to add digital inspection reports to our service offerings," said Viki Holt, president and CEO of Proto Labs. "The addition of CyberGage360 scanning and inspection systems is a natural extension of our technology-enabled manufacturing approach as we aim to provide product developers and engineers with a total solution to streamline path to market."

This technical information has been contributed by
Proto Labs, Inc.

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