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Shop Spotlight: A-1 Precision

A-1 Precision, based in Vancouver, Washington, is an ISO 9001:2015 certified CNC machining facility that has been delivering accurate, high quality metal products since 1973.

The family-owned business is evolving toward the third generation that has worked with a range of materials for 46 years including steel, stainless steel, cast steel, aluminum, cast aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, alloys, cast iron, and plastics.

A-1 Precision serves a wide range of industries, including locomotive, automotive, aerospace, paper products, food packaging, sports and recreation, wood product equipment, energy, and medical, among others.

Company President Tom Sprague joined his father's company and learned how to operate turret lathes and Bridgeport style mills from the start. When A-1 purchased its first CNC machining center, Sprague learned how to program it and operate it, too. In 1995, A-1 Precision added its first CNC horizontal machining center. Tom's father retired in 1998, turning the company over to Tom. Sprague continued to add or replace equipment since then, and his son Jamie joined the company in 2004 to take over the ISO program. A-1 Precision is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Its 2006 Citizen L32VII Swiss Style Turning Center is seven-axis capable, with a 1.25-inch diameter bar capacity. It has an automatic bar feeder, high pressure coolant, a 17-tool capacity and 8,000 RPM maximum spindle speed.

A-1 Precision makes fuel pump parts for the locomotive industry using its various CNC milling and turning centers to hit the required close tolerances. "We meet their flexible and continually changing schedules with our set-up procedures," A-1 Precision said on its website.

A-1 Precision has manufactured landing gear for kit style planes and rotor brakes for helicopters. It manufactures medical emergency equipment that is used by medical emergency fleet aircraft, A-1 Precision said on its website. A-1 Precision uses a range of CNC milling and turning centers to meet customer needs in the food processing and in other OEM production manufacturing. "We are able to produce smaller parts on our Citizen Swiss style CNC turning center and Fanuc CNC milling Center," A-1 Precision said. "We can handle larger parts with our bigger CNC milling and turning centers."

"A-1 Precision is a family owned and managed business. Our values and high standards of performance are critical to the operation of our business," A-1 said. "We commit ourselves to each job and each client, to gain your trust and confidence, and to create long-term, valuable relationships. We will produce what you need to precise dimensional accuracy and in accordance with your required specifications and budget parameters."

This technical information has been contributed by
A-1 Precision

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