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New Surface Mount Transient Voltage Surge Protectors Have High Voltage Ratings

AEM Components’ new surface mount transient voltage surge protectors are reported to withstand high voltages of 250-300 VAC.
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AEM’s ceramic-based HSP SV series multilayer varistors employ nanotechnology to provide high voltage clamping levels

SAN DIEGO—AEM Components has introduced the latest series of High Voltage (SV) protection SMD components in its High Surge Protection (HSP) multilayer varistor family. The devices are constructed with AEM’s nanotechnology and ceramic-based compound—a combination that results in a product line that is capable of clamping high voltage and current surges to safe levels, according to a press release from AEM Components.

Important features of the HSP Series include compact footprint (1210 – 1812 – 2202 package sizes), as well as the ability to withstand high voltage (250 -300 VAC) and high surge current (200 – 800 A, dependent on package size). The components are lead-free, RoHS compliant, and are reported to meet the voltage surge requirements of Energy Star and IEC61000-4-5.

By meeting the IEC61000-4-5 standard and having a compact footprint, the HSP SV is said to be a practical solution for LED lighting applications where board space is limited. Other common applications include power boards, base stations, AC power supplies, industry equipment, and controllers.

The HSP SV series is now available in mass quantities. Pricing starts at $0.414 to $0.672 per unit for OEM quantities.

AEM Components (USA), Inc. ( manufactures a variety of surface mount electronic components, including surface mount fuses, ESD suppressors, and multilayer varistors (MLVs) that provide circuit protection for commercial electronic products. The company also offers chip inductors and beads for electromagnetic (EMI) signal filtering. The company possesses patented process technologies, as well as proprietary nanoparticle composite material technologies, equipment technologies, and computer simulation capabilities.

This technical information has been contributed by
AEM Components

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