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A.K. Stamping Announces Thin Coils for Wireless Charging


MOUNTAINSIDE, N.J.—A.K. Stamping Company, Inc., recently released its new A2311 Transmit Coil, designed to work within the A11 specification of the WPC (Qi) standard.

Based upon a true bifilar Tesla coil design, these stamped coils are said to be significantly thinner (0.3mm for coil alone, 2mm for coil mounted to optional ferrite shield) than comparable Litz wire coils. This gives designers the freedom to significantly reduce the overall thickness of their charging devices.

Made from stamped aluminum, the A2311 coils are more resistant to damage from vibration and thermal shock than charging coils made by competing technologies, surpassing the automotive requirements for stress testing of passive components. In addition, AKS’s patent-pending coil manufacturing technology dramatically reduces coil costs compared to other wireless charging coils on the market today.

“We are excited to have developed an innovative solution for the growing wireless charging market,” said Carlo Montesa, product manager of Wireless Charging at AK Stamping, in a press release. “AKS is able to offer a dramatic reduction in coil thickness and cost. It’s truly a groundbreaking technology that gives the wireless charging industry the manufacturing scalability and consistency it needs. Compared to competing technologies, our technology provides an extremely robust solution that is ideal for both inductive and resonant applications.”

Ease of integration into WPC Qi transmitter devices was a key development goal for the A2311 charging coil. To that end, AKS worked extensively with wireless chipset manufacturer NXP Semiconductor to ensure that the coil assembly is verified for optimum functionality with NXP chipsets for WPC A11 applications. The benefit for systems designers is a shorter design and verification cycle when both the A2311 and NXP chipsets are used together, according to company representatives.

A.K. Stamping Company, Inc. ( designs and manufactures wireless charging coil solutions for WPC, PMA, and Rezence (A4WP). The company blends design, prototyping, and mass production capabilities to consistently meet the needs of this fast growing market, according to company representatives.

This technical information has been contributed by
A.K. Stamping Company

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