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Alexandria Industries Acquires Alexandria Plastics, Inc.

Acquisition expands the company’s capabilities to meet diverse customer needs for high quality plastic injection and foam molded components

ALEXANDRIA, Minn.–Alexandria Industries reported that it acquired Alexandria Plastics, Inc. of Wheaton, Minn., a manufacturer of plastic injection and foam molded components. As a result of the acquisition, team members of Alexandria Plastics have officially joined Alexandria Industries, a producer of engineered products.

Alexandria Industries ( has offered customers the capabilities of Alexandria Plastics since 2006, the year the two organizations formed a strategic alliance. The acquisition ensures that customers “can continue to expect consistent, high quality plastic injection and foam components for years to come,” the company said in a press release.

“We have relied on the supply of Alexandria Plastics’ products for 12 years,” said Tom Schabel, CEO, Alexandria Industries, in a prepared statement. “I am excited to see our two organizations coming together to serve the common goal of satisfying our customers’ diverse needs. It also excites me to provide new opportunities for these employees’ personal and professional growth, along with valuable benefits, such as access to our free health care clinic.”

Joe Schabel, president and co-owner, along with Steve Schabel, co-owner, originally formed Alexandria Plastics by purchasing Wheaton Plastics, Inc., and bringing in equipment assets from Great Plains Plastic Molding in Fargo, North Dakota. Alexandria Plastics has grown 350 percent in the last 12 years, the company said.

“I am confident that this acquisition will assist Alexandria Industries in reaching their strategic vision. It feels good to provide this opportunity to our Alexandria Plastics’ employees,” said Joe Schabel, president, Alexandria Plastics. “They now have access to all the advantages a larger company has available to offer its employees.”

Alexandria Industries, with ISO 9001:2015-certified facilities, produces engineered products to customers’ specifications. The company delivers customized aluminum extrusions, precision machining of ferrous and non-ferrous products, heatsinks, and plastic injection and foam molded components. It also offers finishing, welding, and assembly services. The company’s collective scope of processes and services simplifies supply chain management. Alexandria Industries is headquartered in Alexandria, Minnesota, with manufacturing locations in Minnesota, Indiana, and Texas.

This technical information has been contributed by
Alexandria Industries

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