Florida, California Firms Take Augmented Reality to Next Level for Industrial Enterprises

ORLANDO, Fla. and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–Design Interactive, Inc, a virtual, augmented, and mixed reality development firm, and Atheer Inc., a developer of industrial enterprise augmented reality technology, launched their first joint product: AugmentorTM, powered by Atheer AiRTM Enterprise. It brings together the Augmentor purpose-built augmented reality troubleshooting application and Atheer's AiRTM Enterprise augmented reality software for industrial enterprise customers using the Microsoft HoloLens by Design Interactive (DI).

Design Interactive (www.designinteractive.net), a systems integrator founded in 1998, specializes in developing virtual, augmented, and mixed reality applications for the enterprise. Experts in human factors and cyber sickness, DI has developed a portfolio that includes military and industrial reality training, AR applications for drone operation, facility planning, and medical training. The company's user-centered processes are said to accelerate the learning of the workforce, reducing downtime and errors while increasing operational efficiency.

Atheer's award-winning AiRTM Enterprise is described by the company as a breakthrough enterprise-class AR application that uses smart glasses to connect a worker's physical and digital workspaces. It provides a Web console that can be used for online step-by-step "taskflow" creation as well as secure, cloud-based data storage of those taskflows, allowing taskflow content to be accessible across the enterprise.

Established in 2012, Atheer is focused on "setting the standard for AR in the enterprise." The company's products are designed to improve the productivity, quality, accuracy, and safety of industrial workers. Atheer's Augmented interactive Reality (AiRTM) Enterprise is a software platform for industrial enterprises that provides "See What I See" video collaboration and taskflow management to empower the 21st century workforce in areas such as automotive, industrial, logistics, manufacturing, and transportation. The Atheer platform is powered by more than 37 patents issued and 51 pending, and validated with key customers including Masimo and Porsche North America.

Augmentor complements AiR Enterprise by focusing on longer term retention of knowledge, empowering experts to author and share what they know with others at any time, from anywhere. An expert out in the field can directly author a procedure within a Microsoft HoloLens, or save information about how they solved a problem to the cloud. Any employee can then download that procedure on demand to more efficiently troubleshoot.

The combination of these two products into Augmentor powered by Atheer AiR Enterprise allows any procedure to be authored from Atheer's web accessible portal or in the field through DI's tools in the HoloLens. Any employee wearing a compatible head mounted display can livestream what they see to a remote expert. The expert can guide the employee and send them relevant drawings or procedures.

Soulaiman Itani, chief executive officer and founder of Atheer (https://atheerair.com/), said the new product is not only exciting in the way that it allows taskflows to be authored from the web or from within smart glasses, but also because Design Interactive's deep experience in a number of key industrial enterprises will help bring it to a much broader audience.

"Design Interactive is really forward looking," he said. "It has been focused on solving problems in some of the most challenging industries–such as heavy trucking and the military. It is Design Interactive's insight from these applications that makes this relationship so promising."

Design Interactive CEO Kay Stanney said she also sees unique benefits from the Atheer/Design Interactive partnership. "We are excited about the partnership Atheer affords,' she said. "What makes Atheer so appealing is not just their software, but their hardware experience. Most competitors make software. But in Atheer, we found a partner that has developed AR hardware and truly understands the entire AR ecosystem that brings value to a client. That is simply unmatched in the marketplace."

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