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Astro Aerospace Partners with Paterson Composites to Build Autonomous Passenger Drone

The Astro Aerospace Passenger Drone, featuring an exterior that is built with carbon fiber materials, offers touch flight control that enables passengers to fly manually or autonomously. Astro Aerospace has teamed up with Paterson Composites to build the second version of the Passenger Drone. Photo courtesy of Astro Aerospace.

LEWISVILLE, Tex.–While teaming up with carbon composite manufacturer Paterson Composites to build its Passenger Drone, Astro Aerospace has welcomed Rob Paterson, president and CEO of Paterson Composites, as an advisor to its design team. Astro Aerospace (, a developer of autonomous aerial vehicles and drones, said that Rob Paterson will build components on the Astro Aerospace Passenger Drone, a state-of-the-art aerial transport vehicle that enables passengers to fly manually or autonomously.

Paterson Composites ( has experience in building composite components across the aerospace, defense, medical, and marine industries, with particular experience in aerial vehicles. Specializing in carbon fiber, Paterson Composites will work with Astro Aerospace to construct the entire airframe of the Passenger Drone, including the cockpit, frame, and propeller blades.

As an advisor to Astro's design team, Rob Paterson brings with him a select group of industrial engineers that will join the development team. Paterson is described as an industry expert with experience in crafting teams of specialists, designers, and engineers. He is reported to have led some of the world's most complex design structures and construction formats, working closely with robotics and composites for more than10 years.

"I'm pleased to be joining the Astro Design Team as its newest advisor, and look forward to offering my expertise to a project that will propel the aerial industry forward and take vehicular production a step into the future," said Paterson in a press release. "I plan on helping the Passenger Drone project excel using many years of project management experience, a passion for engineering and design, and a personal commitment to creating innovative products for the world."

The Astro Aerospace Passenger Drone is eco-friendly and emission-free, and its touch flight control enables passengers to fly manually or autonomously. The fully-functional prototype includes vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capabilities and hosts 16 individual rotors to maximize safety and performance. The drone is designed to reduce aircraft weight and magnetic interference using fiber-optic technology, and the exterior is built with carbon fiber materials.

Paterson Composites, together with Astro Aerospace, will build the second version of the Passenger Drone, which will become available for purchase by the public upon production completion.

Paterson Composites has worked with companies such as Aurora Flight Sciences (a Boeing company), Multimatic Technical Centre, Carbon Marine, and Synaptive Medical.

This technical information has been contributed by
Astro Aerospace

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