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Bestronics Adds Second Building, New Equipment to Meet Demand for Technology Manufacturing

Technology Manufacturing

Expansion is said to underscore momentum for Silicon Valley-based manufacturing

SAN JOSÉ, Calif.—Bestronics recently announced that it has expanded its manufacturing facilities for the second time in two years, adding another building to meet the growing demand for locally based manufacturing support. The company, a provider of manufacturing, engineering, and test services for original equipment manufacturers, now offers more than 145,000 square feet of “pristine, technology-ready space” with two adjacent facilities located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Coinciding with the expansion, Bestronics added to its executive team in operations management, along with new hires in engineering and project management roles.

“A strong manufacturing presence revitalizes the entire product development eco-system,” said Bestronics President and CEO Nat Mani in a company release. “Great software is one thing, but great hardware can make the difference in market cachet, as well as in make or break cost and reliability factors. The synergy and benefits of locating manufacturing nearby as products develop and production ramps, not to mention direct accessibility to the Valley’s rich pool of talent and knowledge, are becoming self-evident through the growth of our company and others like us.”

Bestronics will use the additional facility to handle more of its customers’ finish work, specifically box builds, system level test, and integration all the way through direct order fulfillment. This enables customers to focus attention on new product development and thus benefit from a more cost-effective manufacturing solution for existing products. Newly added equipment includes state-of-the-art Panasonic SMT equipment, along with “industry-leading 3D X-Ray and Automatic Optical Inspection systems and other toolsets to support the most bleeding edge hardware development,” according to Bestronics.

The new building layout is well-suited for cell-based manufacturing, which allows for highly customized solutions. The new facility also features workspace for engineering teams who would like to remain onsite to collaborate in prototype and test development, as well as a longer duration, highly curated “hardware incubation environment” that provides customers with lab and work space and 24/7 access to the full spectrum of factory resources, technology, and supply chain partners.

Bestronics’ customers include major original equipment manufacturers in instrumentation, power generation, energy management, communications, wireless, industrial, and other markets. The company’s unique, collaborative partnership model provides early stage companies with new product introduction (NPI) expertise using its full service manufacturing facilities in preparation for launches, as well as cost optimization for legacy products that require considerable tribal knowledge and IP protection.

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