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Bestronics Details Second Plant Expansion in Two Years

Technology Manufacturing

SAN JOSE, Calif. –After recently expanding its manufacturing facilities for the second time in two years, Bestronics reports that the transformation of its Silicon Valley campus is complete. Bestronics, a provider of manufacturing, engineering, and test services for original equipment manufacturers, recently added another building to its San Jose campus to meet the growing demand for locally based manufacturing support, and now offers nearly 150,000 square feet of technology-ready manufacturing space with two adjacent facilities located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Coinciding with the expansion, Bestronics added to its executive team in operations management, along with new hires in engineering and project management roles.

"We offer clean room assembly and our newly added facility is available for all phases of your product’s lifecycle, including a uniquely innovative and practical 'incubation environment' for early stage hardware companies," said CEO Nat Mani in an email to D2P. "For 'mature legacy products' that take up a lot of your energy and resources, we have the perfect business model as well." Bestronics has championed the return of local manufacturing to Silicon Valley.

Mani also said that the company has added highly sophisticated SMT equipment, along with the latest 3D X-ray, automatic optical inspection, innovative SPI printing, environmental stress test systems, and other toolsets to support the most bleeding edge hardware development. "Coupled with these infrastructure improvements, extraordinarily capable technical leadership team, and Bestronics' unique collaborative partnership model, our long standing 'customer first, foremost and always' philosophy creates the perfect environment for trusting us for all your product manufacturing," said Mani.

Mani says that through local manufacturing, Bestronics is able to offer engineering detail and program management expertise that offshore options cannot offer. Close proximity helps simplify multiple iterations during development, he says, and contributes to a more "production ready" process.

Bestronics ( provides a wide range of manufacturing, engineering, testing and material/program management services in San Jose. Its customers include major original equipment manufacturers in instrumentation, power generation, energy management, communications, wireless, industrial, and other markets.

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