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Bradley Nameplate

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Shop Spotlight: Bradley Nameplate

Bradley Nameplate Corporation is a multi-service manufacturing company offering engraving, print and engineering services that it mastered and excelled at during its 35 years-plus of service in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Bradley Nameplate specializes in short and long run custom labels, panel overlays and insulators. It works with engineers from mom and pop shops and with Fortune 500 firms. In addition to labels, it prints nameplates, overlay panels, barcodes, asset tags, and it manufactures custom insulators, domes and signage.

"We strongly believe that continued investment in the latest technology combined with our 35 plus years of experience and qualified workforce positions us as one of the most advanced label solution providers," Bradley Nameplate Corp. said on its website. "Bradley prints signage posters and banners utilizing the latest large format printers, matched inks and durable media to produce stunning photo realistic, full color digital printed banners, posters and promotional signage. Bradley's team of experienced staff ensures you're provided with expert advice, fast delivery and affordable prices on all your large format digital printing requirements."

Processes include die cutting, printing, overlay panels for electronic, medicine and computer components. These panels can be self-adhesive and under surface printed in any shape, allowing for corporate logos, graphics, information and LED displays.

Overlay panels are typically made from plastics, polycarbonates and polyesters with features that include LED windows, embossing, hard coating and adhesives. They frequently include protective topcoats and complex die cuts produced to UL standards.

Using complex lasers, Bradley Nameplate offers customers what it calls the "most accurate" method of cutting in a wide range of materials.

"Our advanced equipment and high performance, computer controlled productions are perfect for any laser application from cutting to engraving and marking," Bradley said. "It is the goal of Bradley Nameplate to be prepared for any future regulations both in the US and abroad, to ensure that all products are RoHS compliant and are of the highest quality and caliber Bradley customers have come to expect."

In addition to labels and overlays, Bradley also manufactures insulators.

"Bradley has provided the leading electronic and semiconductor manufacturers with the highest quality of electrical insulators. Bradley has experience in crafting Kapton, polymid, mylar, nomex, phenolic, Teflon, vulcanized fibres, silicones and numerous customer supplied and called out materials."

Bradley also manufactures nameplates from anodized aluminum with excellent durability where long life, abrasion and solvent resistance is required. "Such labels regularly withstand the rigors of industrial, marine and military environments. A selection of adhesives is available as well as piercing and profiling," Bradley said.

This technical information has been contributed by
Bradley Nameplate

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