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New CAD Comparison Suite Improves User Control over Everyday Tasks, Company Says

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Software said to help users avoid costs resulting from undetected engineering changes

MARLBOROUGH, Mass.—Kubotek 3D recently announced its official release of Kubotek Comparison Suite 2014, which reportedly includes a number of significant "user-driven improvements" that can save time and improve user control over everyday tasks. Products in the Comparison Suite include Kubotek Validation Tool and ECO Manager, according to a release from the software developer.

Engineering change identification and documentation tools found in the Kubotek Comparison Suite are said to help users avoid the costs and pitfalls resulting from undetected or undocumented engineering changes. Design and quality teams can gain confidence as they compare two CAD models, regard less of file type, to find differences in product geometry, Model Based Definition (MBD), or Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) contained in the 3D model. Any revisions can then be documented and easily communicated via automated reports in PowerPoint and 3D PDF formats as products work their way through the manufacturing process, the company says.

One of the significant enhancements of the Comparison Suite 2014 release, according to Kubotek 3D, is automatic 3D PDF report creation. Users can create personalized engineering change reports using the full functionality of 3D PDF without the need for secondary software. These 3D PDF reports are fully supported by the Adobe Reader software and provide powerful options for viewing, measuring, collaborating, and obtaining information related to engineering changes.

Among the other reporting enhancements are tools and features that make creating or updating PowerPoint reports easier, including a new creation style that automates the process of creating PowerPoint slides from each identified part revision. Additional customer-driven improvements focus on increasing productivity, according to Kubotek 3D, and "updating the extensive CAD file reading capabilities of the Comparison Suite products." A full list of the suite's new features and benefits can be found in the "What's New" document.

"3D PDF is becoming a very popular format for sharing 3D design change data across engineering disciplines," said Tony Anderson, vice president and general manager of Comparison Suite Products, in the press release. "Our Engineering Change Identification and Documentation Tools take advantage of 3D PDF by giving its users more options to view 3D change data. Kubotek's customers depend on our ECO and Validation tools to immediately identify and communicate design changes with accuracy in a way that fits their needs."

Kubotek 3D ( provides CAD technology to easily create, edit, or manage changes to model data. The company develops core technologies that can recognize, or even infer, the geometry's attributes to facilitate interoperability in what might otherwise be unusable data. According to Kubotek 3D, it develops software that can work with geometry, no matter where it originated, for use throughout the manufacturing supply chain in order to speed time to market, reduce costs, and improve quality.

This technical information has been contributed by
Kubotek 3D

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