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C+K Plastics Acquires Facility in Conyers, Georgia

METUCHEN, N.J.—C+K Plastics, Inc., recently announced that it has completed its purchase of a new manufacturing facility in Conyers, Georgia. The 95,000 square foot facility, situated east of Atlanta with easy access to Interstate 20, will mirror the equipment and capabilities of the company’s Metuchen, New Jersey plant.

Founded in 1963, C+K Plastics is a manufacturer of thermoformed plastic products and assemblies for the aerospace, medical, agricultural equipment, refrigeration, and petroleum industries, among others.

“It’s all about proximity,” said C+K President Bob Carrier in a company release. “As our customer base expanded in the Southeast, we realized that a local presence would dramatically improve our ability to serve those clients. This move gives us a state-of-the-art thermoforming facility in the heart of what is becoming a key marketplace.”

C+K Vice President Sales and Marketing David Grice points out that the move will also give the company strategic and operational advantages.

“Conyers has the added benefit of being a very cost-effective area,” said Grice in the release. “We needed to grow, and this move will let us be even more competitive. What’s more, being close to a primary interstate and airport means shorter lead times.”

“There’s a wealth of skilled workers in and around Atlanta,” Carrier added. “We now have access to top-notch CNC operators, maintenance mechanics, engineers, and others. As we continue to expand in Georgia, that labor pool will become increasingly important.”

C+K Plastics (, based in Metuchen, N.J., couples its offerings with those of its affiliates, Valley Extrusions, of Allentown, Pa., and C+K Plastics Georgia.

This technical information has been contributed by
C+K Plastics

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