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Chem Processing, Inc.

Metal Finishing Company Offers Expertise and Versatility for Precision Work

Rebecca Carnes
Design-2-Part Magazine

Founded in 1970 and providing metal finishing services to an array of industries, Chem Processing, Inc., is capable of producing multiple finishes on individual parts and also has the ability to hold extremely tight tolerances.

"We operate under AS9100 and NADCAP certifications that provide the process monitoring and control necessary to ensure the highest quality output," said sales manager Michael Evers, adding that the company is also AS9100B certified. "Chem Processing has numerous OEM approvals and is constantly expanding both the processes and number of companies that we are approved for."

The Rockford, Ill., company ( certifies to a variety of specifications across different industries in custom applications, as well as production work. Industries served include aerospace, military, heavy equipment, medical, food processing equipment, specialty fastener, and general industrial. Some examples of services for the various industries include electroplating (rack and barrel), zinc, nickel, silver, cadmium, hard chrome, copper electroless nickel plating coating, organic and inorganic anodizing, Type I, II, and III manganese, and zinc phosphating stainless steel passivation.

"Our biggest strength is our engineering department's ability to work with research and design teams to develop the most appropriate materials for a given application and put that into production," Evers said.

For aerospace, Chem Processing offers dry film lubricants, cadmium plating, electroless nickel, Type I aluminum anodizing, and other finishes critical to the industry, with the quality assurance of NADCAP and AS9100 certifications. For defense, the company supplies hardcoat anodizing, manganese phosphate and hard chrome on firearms, plating and CARC painting on ordnance, and finishing on all manner of military equipment. For energy, the company provides zinc flake coatings to the wind energy industry and manganese phosphate, fluoropolymer coatings, and electroless nickel plating to the oil and gas industry. For medical, Chem Processing performs passivation, chemical polish of stainless steel, and applies a full range of fluoropolymer coatings that are critical to medical instruments, equipment, and even implants.

This technical information has been contributed by
Chem Processing, Inc.

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