DeWys Manufacturing Creates "One of a Kind" Automated Fastener Insertion Machine

MARNE, Mich.— DeWys Manufacturing Inc., recently announced its newest innovation, a robotic fastener insertion machine. DeWys reports this machine is the first of its kind in the United States, allowing up to eight fasteners in an automated process. The customer’s complex parts will be generated in one setup, ensuring every fastener is installed correctly and in the proper orientation.

The insertion machine features a Fanuc robot that positions parts into a custom made press supplied with eight vibratory bowl feeders. The bowl feeders deliver studs and nuts automatically. The robot is equipped with an automatic tool changer to switch between fixtures that are designed to work with flat material. It employs a series of vacuum cups to maneuver the parts. This new innovation is expected to improve production efficiency, allowing customers to see consistent and accurate insertion of fasteners.

DeWys (pronounced De-Wise) Manufacturing provides precision metal fabrication to a range of clients, including companies in the commercial equipment, office furniture, and medical industries, among others.

The automated fastener insertion machine was created around the lean manufacturing concept known as one piece flow. One piece flow helps to limit work in process inventory, decrease lead time, and improve quality. This will help improve the scheduling process for both current and future customers.

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