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Automotive Lighting Manufacturer Utilizing Innovative New LEDs


ST. LOUIS, Mo.—Diode Dynamics, a Missouri-based LED company, reports that it has taken a major step forward in automotive lighting technology by designing and manufacturing what it calls “the first products using brand-new LED components, featuring an independent white chip in addition to multicolor functionality.”

According to a release from the company, previous generation multicolor chips feature only red, blue and green (RGB) chips, combining to create a poorly integrated white color. But the addition of a discrete white chip is said to make the white color substantially brighter and more balanced versus the old technology.

Diode Dynamics ( is now utilizing these components in a full line of LED products and claims to be the first manufacturer worldwide to bring the technology to market in automotive applications. By upgrading factory-installed LED lighting with the replacement products, vehicle owners can achieve multicolor functionality, along with a crisp and pure white output.

Paul McCain, founder of Diode Dynamics, is looking to build upon his company’s reputation for innovation by implementing this technology.

“With the incredible versatility of these LEDs, I’m confident that they’ll be standard on all vehicles within a few years,” McCain said in the release. “By being the first to apply this exciting new technology, we will continue being recognized as the go-to source for innovative automotive lighting products.”

Directly manufacturing the products in St. Louis ensures world-class quality, while allowing for rapid implementation of new technologies. “We are the only company manufacturing our own products of this type in the United States,” said McCain. “Everyone else relies on off-shore designs and manufacturing. By doing all of this at our facility, we can develop new technologies much faster than the competition, with unmatched overall quality.”
This technical information has been contributed by
Diode Dynamics

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