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Quality Certifications Opening Doors for New Welding Projects


ANAHEIM, Calif.—The advanced Quality Management System certifications earned by Electron Beam Engineering, Inc. (EBE), a provider of precision electron beam and laser beam welding services, have opened doors to new welding projects for EBE in the national aviation, space, and defense sectors. Last summer, the company became one of a select few precision welding job shops to have achieved the AS9100 Quality Management System certification following a rigorous evaluation process conducted by NSF International.

The AS9100 certification adds quality assurance expectations for design, development, and production work that apply specifically to the aviation, space, and defense sectors, in addition to the contractual and applicable legal and regulatory requirements. Issued by Americas Aerospace Quality Standards Committee (AAQSC), the certification demonstrates proficiency within the particular sectors that EBE has serviced for more than two decades. The company has also been granted ISO 9001:2008 certification, an international series of quality assurance standards for manufacturing and services industries, and achieved the ISO 13485:2003 certification for the medical device industry last October.

“Earning the AS9100 Certification is, in many ways, a crowning achievement for EBE,” said the company’s founder and CEO Richard Trillwood, in a company release. “I am incredibly proud of this certification. The whole EBE organization has worked tirelessly toward this goal for many years, and to be holding the certificate today proves that we are truly a leading force in the fusion welding business.”

The Nadcap AC7004 Aerospace Quality System and AS7003 Welding accreditations, which previously were granted to EBE, complement the AS9100 as it is process specific and technical, Trillwood said.

“For many years, EBE has provided the highest level of welding services to the aerospace and medical industries, and now the AS9100 Certification is the culmination of decades of great services, control, and quality for our clients,” said Grant Trillwood, general manager of EBE, in the release. “Our company always has upheld the highest level of excellence by putting quality first. As EBE continues to grow and evolve with the changing needs of the market, we will maintain that level of quality and service.”

The work that EBE has provided for its clients has spanned the galaxy, ranging from the welding on NASA’s Curiosity Rover, to fighter jet components and precision work on medical implants and innovative medical devices.

Electron Beam Engineering, Inc. (, founded in 1991, provides precision electron beam and laser beam welding services throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia.

This technical information has been contributed by
Electron Beam Engineering

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