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ERP Technology Helps Ultra Machining Company Turn Data into Actionable Intelligence

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AUSTIN, Tex.—Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software from Epicor Software Corporation is helping Monticello, Minn.-based Ultra Machining Company (UMC) operate more efficiently and meet ISO and ASO data requirements, according to a release from Epicor. Ultra Machining Company, a prominent manufacturer of precision machined parts and assemblies for the aerospace and medical device industries, was recently recognized with a 2014 Manufacturing Leadership Award (ML Award) in the Workplace Leadership category for its "ERP Re-implementation" project.

As UMC began to experience rapid growth, the company implemented the "ERP Re-implementation" project, utilizing the full suite of training resources offered by Epicor University to ensure that "all departments understand the full capacity of the company's Epicor next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution," according to representatives of Epicor.

"Epicor University provided our company with resources and tools to help us realize the greatest benefit from our Epicor ERP software investment," said Don Tomann, CEO of UMC, in the release. "Combining our knowledge with the knowledge of the experts from Epicor University empowered individual employees to learn in the way they learn best."

Epicor University ( provides customers with resources and tools to help them realize the full benefit of their enterprise software investment. Ultra Machining Company leveraged all aspects of the training available through Epicor University, including virtual and onsite education sessions. Through Epicor University, UMC is able to focus on specific customers and product cycles to access all of the data in a timely manner.

By having access to real-time data, UMC executive leadership can make better business decisions and operate the company in the most efficient manner, according to Epicor representatives.

"We commend the UMC team for their continued strategy and collaboration to understand the power of ERP technology combined with business processes," said Louise Keppel, vice president, Epicor University worldwide. "Turning data into actionable intelligence to meet their customer demands is crucial to stay one step ahead of the competition."

Ultra Machining Company ( offers 5- , 7- , 9- , and 11-axis machining, CNC turning, EDM, Swiss machining, and tool grinding. The company's processes utilize ISO-9001: 2000, ISO-13485: 2003, and AS 9100:2004-01 certified systems.

This technical information has been contributed by
Ultra Machining Company

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