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Electronic Precision Specialties Inc.

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Electronic Precision Specialties

Electronic Precision Specialties Inc., (EPSI) is a precision electroplating firm specializing in gold, silver, nickel, rhodium, tin-lead, copper, palladium-nickel and other plating materials, depending on the requirements of this Southern Californian firm's customers.

EPSI ( is NADCAP AC7004 aerospace certified, as well as NADCAP AC7108 chemical processing certified. The firm's quality management system is certified to ISO 9001-2008 standards for high quality rack & barrel electro-plating services to the electronic, telecommunications, aerospace and medical industries.

EPSI also plates items for automotive and defense industries.

"Our software programs are attuned to the precision maintenance of systems, tracking, and our ISO 9001 Quality system," EPSI said on its website. "Our commitment to quality includes investing in new equipment and technology, which has enabled us to offer customers unequalled quality, service, and reliability, while maintaining our responsibility to the environment and community in which we work."

EPSI is located in Brea, California.

EPSI provides a variety of plating services for aerospace parts including radar arrays, satellite housings, avionics, missile components, connectors, electrical shields, and cable assemblies.

Electronic Precision Specialties Inc. has plated numerous items for the automotive industry, including air bag triggers, hydraulic line components, gearing components, connectors, supercharger parts, shock absorber housings, among others.
"We specialize in rack, barrel and vibratory plating of metal stampings, screw machined, EDM, and CNC machined parts. We provide electroplating of gold, silver, nickel, rhodium, tin-lead, copper and palladium-nickel per our customer's requirements," EPSI said on its website.

EPSI has also provided service to the defense industry, including work on such parts as underwater sensors, armament components, electrical housings, antenna components, lighting, missile components, and cable assemblies, among others.
In the electronics industry, EPSI has provided plating services for circuit board test parts, connectors, servo motor components, microwave test equipment, contacts, microelectronics, seals and solar parts.

EPSI was founded in 1980, and EPSI takes its quality commitment extremely seriously.

Auditing and training are ongoing to assure that the product returned to our customer will reflect our commitment to consistency and exceptional quality," EPSI said on its website.

This technical information has been contributed by
Electronic Precision Specialties Inc.

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