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Pulse Electronics Introduces Medical Grade HXU6200NL Ethernet Magnetics

Company also releases PA500X Series high current, low profile SMT inductors

SAN DIEGO–Pulse Electronics' Networking Business Unit, a provider of electronic networking and communications components, has introduced its new Medical Grade HXU6200NL Four Pair 30W Ethernet Magnetics. The new part is qualified to UL 60601, making it a reliable choice for medical applications where equipment functionality and safety is of the utmost concern, the company said in a press release.

"Hospitals and imaging centers have strict regulatory guidelines in place to ensure patient safety and operator safety, as well as workflow productivity," said Jonas Miller, marketing manager of Pulse Networking. "We've designed our new HXU6200NL Ethernet Magnetics to meet the high-performance specifications required for medical applications requiring two means of operator protection (MOOP)."

The HXU6200NL is PoE capable up to 30W with an operating temperature of -40C to +85C. It offers voltage isolation of 3000Vrms, and provides 4.0mm creepage and 2.5mm air clearance. Pulse Electronics also said that it provides 12-plus years of production support on the components.

Applications for the part are reported to include magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), surgical equipment, dialysis equipment, infusion pumps, and CPAP machines.

Pulse Electronics ( serves the wireless and wireline communications, power management, industrial, medical, energy, and automotive industries.

The company has also introduced, through its power business unit, a new series of high current, low profile SMT inductors that are reported to offer the highest energy storage density of any inductor on the market. The inductors have high current (>40Apk) and low profile (2.1mm to 5.0mm) features, and they offer soft saturation, no thermal aging, and industry standard footprints, the company said.

"These new composite core inductor platforms have three times the energy storage density (uJ/cm3) of competing technologies," said Geoff Wildman, global marketing manager for Pulse Electronics' power business unit.

The new composite core shielded inductor series is designed for use in a wide range of power topologies, as well as in applications requiring current up to 40Apk and inductances below 4.7uH.

This technical information has been contributed by
Pulse Electronics

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