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Everspin Expands Automotive Grade MRAM Product Line

CHANDLER, Ariz.— Everspin Technologies recently announced the availability of two new additions to its high performance MRAM (magneto-resistive random access memory) automotive product line: a 16Mb MRAM with automotive temperature range, and a 128kB SPI MRAM in Grade 1 and Grade 3 ranges for use in automotive and other high reliability systems.

The 16Mb MRAM, available in the automotive temperature range of -40 C to 125 C, comes in both x8 and x16 IO configurations. It offers fast 45 ns read and write cycle times in a parallel asynchronous, SRAM-like interface, according to a release from Everspin.

The 128kb SPI MRAM, available in Grade 1 and Grade 3 (-40ºC to 105ºC) ranges, is a serial interface MRAM that fits in a low pin count DFN package with 8 pins. It offers the same benefits of MRAM: high speed writes, unlimited endurance, and high reliability, but in a small footprint.

Both of the new products are reported to be well suited for the increasing demand for the extensive data recording and processing in today’s automotive electronics systems.

Automotive electronics systems are requiring faster and more reliable, persistent memory solutions as a result of the need for data recording and fast data processing in all aspects of the system, including braking systems, driver assist functions, drivetrain control, infotainment, safety, and data connectivity. Magneto-resistive random access memory also provides inherent protection of data in the event of power loss, instant recovery of system data, reliable data capture, and the ability to withstand harsh environments. Due to these attributes, MRAM is well suited for automotive applications.

“With the addition of the 16Mb parallel and 128Kb SPI automotive grade products, Everspin is strengthening our long term commitment to this growing market with new and innovative products,” said Scott Sewell, vice president of sales and marketing for Everspin, in the release. “System designers are turning to MRAM for use across all of the functions in the automobile, and these products give them a wider choice of density and performance while simplifying system design.”

Everspin ( is planning to start volume production of these products in the second quarter of 2016.
This technical information has been contributed by
Everspin Technologies

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