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Fronius Starts Manufacturing Solar Inverters in the United States

Fronius USA plans to manufacture more products, including solar inverters, in its Portage, Indiana facility to meet increasing U.S. demand.
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PORTAGE, Ind.—Fronius, USA, a subsidiary of Fronius International, recently invested more than $1.5 million in the development and integration of a full manufacturing and testing facility in its Portage, Indiana headquarters.

Fronius appreciates Indiana as a manufacturing location for its ideal geographical location amidst the crossroads of America, according to company representatives. The location offers easy access to ground or air transportation for fast shipping to any of the fifty states. Main suppliers of raw materials are located in the Midwest, which allows for short supply chains and good, long-lasting relationships with U.S. suppliers.

This new production line is the first step towards more U.S. manufacturing to come. Fronius USA plans to manufacture more products in Portage, Indiana, to better serve the high demand in the U.S.

“As a family owned company, we are thinking long-term and are dedicated to showing our commitment to the U.S. for generations to come,” said Fronius USA Director of Solar Energy, Thomas Enzendorfer, in a press release.

Fronius manufactures power electronics, including welding technology and solar inverters. Fronius USA recently hired more than 30 people to staff the production at the new 400,000-square-foot facility.

“The Fronius Primo is a leader in the residential solar industry and, as such, is a clear reason for Fronius to invest in production in the United States,” Enzendorfer said in the release, “Fronius USA is proud to offer a high quality product manufactured entirely in the United States.”

The Indiana manufacturing line produces and tests more than 200 Fronius Primo solar inverters per day.

The Fronius Primo is part of the unique Fronius SnapINverter line, which offers easy mounting, high design flexibility, and outstanding communication capabilities, according to company representatives. The available power classes for the Fronius Primo inverter reach from 3.8 to 8.2 kW, to serve typical residential solar installations.

“Our inverter production line applies the latest lean production technologies. This allows us to achieve both, efficient production and elimination of any potential error source to assure highest quality,” said Klaus Strassmair, head of production at Fronius USA, in a press release. The production equipment for the new line was sourced locally from U.S. suppliers, as a strong commitment to quality and the U.S. market.

Fronius USA LLC (, headquartered in Portage, Indiana, manufactures solar system inverters and applicable accessories. The company is a part of a global network and subsidiary of Fronius International GmbH, headquartered in Wels, Austria.

This technical information has been contributed by
Fronius USA LLC

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