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Custom Fabricator and Die Cutter Solves Part Failure Issue

When a Chinese manufacturer’s molded PVC part failed, HST Materials, Inc., stepped in to resolve the issue. The customer’s original overseas part had shrunk and the label fell off as a result of plasticizer migration, reported HST Materials President Kathryn E. Miller.

HST Materials is an ISO 9001 certified, woman-owned business that serves OEMs in the automotive, appliances, consumer appliances, contract manufacturing, industrial products, lighting, and telecommunications industries. It also serves companies in the transportation, vending dispensing, electrical and outdoor enclosures, marine, gaming, and HVAC industries. The company, in business for 27 years, uses custom die cutting and rubber molding to make gaskets, seals, and a variety of rubber parts. The firm helps to design and manufacture parts, a few to a million.

“We molded their part and taped these components using semi-automated custom taping equipment that was designed for this job,” said Miller in an email interview. “We provided a high-quality part that eliminated all of the failure issues that they had experienced with their initial vendor.”

HST Materials is a fabricator of sponge and dense rubber, plastics, films and tapes. The company produces gaskets, seals, pressure sensitive tape and Velcro parts, molded rubber parts, and custom designed elastomer and tape solutions for applications such as gaskets, seals, fastening, matting and paint protection, and vibration and sound dampening. HST’s custom die cut parts are produced from a variety of materials, including Rogers Bisco silicone sponge, dense silicone, Poron urethane, EPDM and Neoprene sponge, and dense rubber materials.

To solve its customer’s problem, HST Materials Inc. first sourced a plasticizer-free compound that would not shrink, and designed a die cut tape that could be fed into a nest for the operator to place the label, allowing the tape to adhere and the part to be removed to semi-automate the assembly process for efficiency.

“HST Materials solved all of the challenges the customer tasked us to address,” said Miller. “We were able to harness all of the expertise of our supplier partners in completing this series of process and material design efforts.”

HST Materials, located in Elk Grove Village, Ill., works with customers to assist with their design of components and specification of materials that will meet their application requirements. Its nimble production and prototyping processes allow for quick samples, competitive pricing, and speed to market. The company offers manufacturing capabilities that include die and die-less cutting, kiss cutting, rotary die cutting, routing, knife cutting, slitting, laminating, and the supply of custom molded rubber and plastic parts. The company also offers assembly, kitting, and packaging.

“We can quickly help get our customer’s specific design opportunity matched up with the best material and production method, saving time and money,” said Miller.

This technical information has been contributed by
HST Materials

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