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Intelligent Audio Products Opens Factory in Bridgeport, Connecticut

BRIDGEPORT, Conn.–Intelligent Audio Products Corp. (IAP) recently announced the opening of a new manufacturing facility in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in the former factory of Adrian Acoustics and Alta Audio. Intelligent Audio Products is the parent company of, audio-video integrator Designed Sound, and the Art Powers Design Group.

"Our Bridgeport factory is the newest addition to our business, but it's been serving the OEM speaker cabinet and audio-video furniture manufacturing industries for a long time," said IAP president Art Powers in a company release. "We will continue that tradition, now creating a whole new array of quality products made in America."

Intelligent Audio Products' PlanterSpeakers, a customizable line of speakers housed in architectural planters, continues to develop with new models that will now be manufactured in the Bridgeport facility. The Connecticut facility also becomes the headquarters for Designed Sound.

"Our heritage is in speakers and amplifiers," said Powers, who co-created the Madison Fielding amplifier business with his father. "But we're already making premium turntables, acoustic panels, and other soon-to-be announced products for some of the best names in the business. My focus is now to offer our manufacturing capacity to those brands looking for well-priced, U.S. made products in a factory that has the right controls, and run by craftsman who guarantee quality."

PlanterSpeakers ( is a prominent manufacturer of planter and architectural speakers. The company was founded in 1999 to create an alternative to outdoor bracket-type speakers and those housed in artificial rocks. Its founders' focus was to give equal billing to design and sound quality. Today, the line of products are specified by audio design and architecture professionals, and sold and installed by quality audio dealers around the world.

Designed Sound is an audio-video integrator that has served the New York City metro area for more than 35 years. Its knowledge of the industry's latest products and emerging technologies is said to make homes "current today and ready for tomorrow."

This technical information has been contributed by
Intelligent Audio Products

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