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Start-Up Auto Manufacturer Chooses ERP System for Process Management

Elio Motors is implementing IQMS ERP system in conjunction with set-up of its manufacturing operations

PASO ROBLES, CALIF.—Start-up vehicle manufacturer Elio Motors has selected IQMS’s EnterpriseIQ as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for process management, according to a release from IQMS. Aiming to roll out its highly fuel-efficient, three-wheeled vehicle in late 2016, Elio Motors is implementing EnterpriseIQ to provide “a single system for managing the company’s processes and obtaining complete, accurate information to support decision-making,” according to the release.

Elio Motors, founded in 2009, says that its vision has been to reinvent transportation by designing a safe, fun-to-drive, affordable, and environmentally friendly vehicle. The result is the aerodynamically designed Elio, a three-wheeled, two-seat vehicle, projected to achieve up to 84 mpg for a targeted $6,800? base price. With a commitment to delivering American-made vehicles, Elio Motors decided that production would take place in a former GM production facility in Shreveport, Louisiana.

During the initial years of design, development, and testing, Elio Motors relied on different applications to manage the company’s processes. Finance used a combination of QuickBooks and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, while marketing maintained a separate database for customer information. To date, reconciling the information manually has not required significant time, the company says. However, the current model would not be sufficient for the growth that Elio Motors anticipates once the company moves into production.

Elio Motors ( recognized the need for a single system for managing all of its processes, from finance and marketing to manufacturing, engineering, quality, training, and human resources. The company also realized that it would be a strategic advantage to plan and implement its manufacturing system in conjunction with the setup of its manufacturing operations, even as the company used the software to support its existing business needs. Also, in evaluating software, Elio Motors sought a solution to the challenges that various team members had experienced with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems at previous companies.

IQMS ( is a developer of manufacturing ERP and manufacturing execution system (MES) software for mid-market repetitive, discrete, and batch process manufacturers.

“We appreciated that IQMS had a specific focus on the automotive industry, and we viewed the real-time production monitoring portion to be the true strength of the system—especially how it interfaces with the rest of the system to allow for quick, up to date, in-depth review of the production floor,” said Shane Stirmers, finance manager for Elio Motors Inc., in the release. “Additionally, EnterpriseIQ will require limited modifications for us to use as the backbone of the company, and there is considerable flexibility in the system, which will allow us to grow.”

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