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Demo Kit Unleashes New Magnetic Technology for Product Designers and Engineers

New Magnetic Technology

BOYNE CITY, Mich.—The Polymagnet® Demo Kit recently introduced by Industrial Magnetics Inc. (IMI) will allow product designers and engineers to explore and experiment with the various magnetic functions that IMI says are made possible with what the company calls “this next-gen magnetic circuitry.”

Polymagnets are unique in that the surface of the magnet is encoded with a pattern of multiple north and south poles. The polarity pattern can be specifically designed to achieve a desired result or function. These magnetic functions, such as super-strong attachment, shallow field, magnetic spring, magnetic latch, and repelling up close or at a distance, are not possible with conventional magnets, which only possess a singular north and south pole.

“Sometimes the best way to really understand the capabilities of new technology is to show people rather than tell them about it,” said Paul Hardy, IMI’s Polymagnet product specialist, in a statement. “We created the DemoKit so that product designers could hold these in their hands and more easily visualize, brainstorm, and test their ideas for Polymagnet applications.”

The Demo Kit comes in two sizes and contains various Polymagnet samples that illustrate these functions. Also included in the kit is IMI’s high-res magnetic viewing film for visualizing the magnetic pole patterns in vivid yellow/green color.

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This technical information has been contributed by
Industrial Magnetics Inc.

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