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InstantEye Robotics Forms Cybersecurity Group

New group within InstantEye Robotics is tasked with ensuring information security of robotics systems

ANDOVER, Mass.–InstantEye Robotics formed a special group tasked with the development and implementation of advanced cybersecurity measures across its family of robotic systems. The charter of the InstantEye Cybersecurity Group is to continually assess threats to data validity and integrity on InstantEye platforms and to develop measures in hardware, software, and operational employment to minimize information risk, the company said in a press release.

InstantEye operators–whether military personnel, first responders, or professional inspectors–have an expectation that the system will be available when they need it and that the information provided is accurate and secure. Threats to information availability take many forms: environmental conditions; unintended interference by nearby infrastructure, such as cell towers or power generators; and malicious attacks intended to interfere with normal system operations.

While the Cybersecurity Group has a broad purview that addresses all these areas, its primary focus is the detection, analysis, and defeat of malicious attacks on the system.

Among the technologies under development is an “encryption engine” with a size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) sufficiently small that it can be deployed across the entire InstantEye family of systems. The device is tightly integrated into the system and is rapidly reconfigurable to quickly counter emerging threats as they are uncovered. The encryption engine is designed to allow different cipher methods to be used ,depending on customer requirements or threat environment demands, and it will employ blockchain concepts to ensure data integrity and to detect tampering attempts.

“While the newest InstantEye Mk-3 products already use the latest data protection techniques, we are strongly committed to continuous assessment of existing and emerging threats and to developing effective ways to defeat them,” said Tom Vaneck, vice president of InstantEye Robotics. “The encryption engine is just one of a number of ongoing activities in the Cybersecurity Group. We believe that our approach makes us uniquely flexible to address the ever-evolving threats to cybersecurity.”

InstantEye Robotics ( is a division of Physical Sciences Inc., both located in Andover, Massachusetts.

This technical information has been contributed by
InstantEye Robotics

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