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TeamViewer, KUNBUS Partner to Make Factories Smarter Through Intelligent Machinery Management

TeamViewer is integrated into KUNBUS Revolution Pi RevPi Core providing remote access functionalities and removing the LAN boundaries without sacrificing security
TeamViewer is integrated into KUNBUS' Revolution Pi (RevPi) Core, providing remote access functionalities and removing the LAN boundaries without sacrificing security. (Photo: Business Wire)

TAMPA, Fla.–TeamViewer, a provider of global software for digital networking and collaboration, has announced its partnership with KUNBUS, a Linux-based industrial controller. The partnership will enable remote access functionalities on KUNBUS Revolution Pi (RevPi), an open, modular industrial PC based on the established Raspberry Pi Compute Module.

KUNBUS RevPi Core enables engineering organizations to upgrade aged machineries in factories, making them smarter and enabling them to connect to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). KUNBUS RevPi Core will integrate with TeamViewer's remote support software, providing users with secure capabilities to remotely access, control, and maintain the connected machines. This will enhance the continuous and reliable communication between different industrial networks and systems, arming operators and gateway managers with accurate information to act quickly when issues arise.

"Previously, our customers were restricted in the way they could access the web server UI of KUNBUS RevPi Core, limiting their ability to innovate business models, improve maintenance of existing machinery, and benefit from new revenue streams," said Dr. Volker de Haas, project manager of Revolution Pi at KUNBUS GmbH, in a press release. "Now, they have easy access to manage and maintain machines remotely, ensuring they are working properly and efficiently. We are excited to partner with TeamViewer and look forward to new ways we can innovate and enhance the way we manage our machineries."

TeamViewer ( reported that it will provide KUNBUS RevPi Core with improved visibility of a machine's current and future states, as well as secure user management, authentication, and control. Manufacturing or maintenance providers will have access to integrated dashboards that provide instant access for control, data capture, and support so they can easily intervene directly when something goes wrong from any location and any device, the company said in the press release. RevPi with TeamViewer also offers secure user management, authentication, and control features to ensure privacy for businesses and its customers. It uses public/private key exchange, end-to-end session encryption, and access controls via trusted devices, as well as blacklists and whitelists.

"This partnership with KUNBUS showcases our commitment to continuously improving our IIoT offering," said Raffi M. Kassarjian, general manager of Emerging Products Group at TeamViewer, in a statement. "We understand the manufacturing industry needs to innovate in order to stay competitive in the digital age, and we are thrilled to be making strides in helping factories and machines become smarter."

KUNBUS Revolution Pi Core ( is an open, modular industrial PC based on the established Raspberry Pi Compute Module and composed of open hardware and software meeting the EN61131-2 standard. The RevPi Core can, depending on customer requirements, be expanded and supplemented seamlessly using digital or analogue I/O modules and appropriate fieldbus gateways to connect it to an industrial network, according to KUNBUS.

The established Raspbian operating system from Raspberry Pi, including the drivers for the expansion modules, is preinstalled. This ensures that basically any software running on Raspberry Pi will also run on Revolution Pi, the company said.

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