Global Manufacturers Investing Heavily in High-Tech: KPMG Survey

Factory Automation

NEW YORK — Increasing competition is forcing manufacturers to invest heavily in technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and cognitive computing, according to a new KPMG survey.

The KPMG 2016 Global Manufacturing survey of 360 C-level global manufacturing executives, including 80 in the U.S., showed that 39 percent say that they will devote a significant amount of R&D towards advanced manufacturing technologies, such as robotics, over the next two years.

Respondents said that several factors, including new technologies, increasing competition, and pricing pressures, are pushing them into high-tech investments as they seek to , innovate their manufacturing capabilities.

The KPMG manufacturing survey can be found here:

Many manufacturers said they have already made investments in new digital technologies, with 25 percent saying they have invested in artificial intelligence and cognitive computing technologies, as well as in 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies.

“Manufacturers recognize a failure to evolve will leave their organization in a non-competitive position,” said Doug Gates, KPMG’s global chair of industrial manufacturing. “The need to become more digital has never been greater, and investments in new technologies are a way to enhance agility, flexibility, and speed to market.”

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