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Foster Rolls Out New Laser Marking Technology for Medical Device Applications

LazerMed’s laser marking pigments are suitable for plastic materials, including transparent and opaque materials used in medical device applications. The weather-durable pigments can be used in high-temperature applications and have passed USP Class VI testing for biocompatibility. Photo courtesy of Foster Corporation.

PUTNAM, Conn.–Foster Corporation recently introduced LazerMedTM, a biocompatible laser-marking technology that is reported to offer high-resolution, durable printing capability for plastic materials used in medical devices, such as tubing, catheter shafts, labware, and medical equipment. Foster is a developer and compounder of polymer formulations and enhancements for medical device and pharmaceutical applications.

Laser marking is a contact-free, eco-friendly (no solvents), and fast printing process that does not require pre-treatment of substrates. It also does not require consumables (inks) because the laser marking pigments are melt-blended into the polymer at the compounding stage. The proprietary technology has no effect on the sterilization process and can be added to a polymer as a masterbatch. The result, according to Foster Corporation, is a permanent solution that can be used for injection molded, extruded, and blow molded components.

“LazerMed laser marking technology benefits medical device manufacturers by offering an eco-friendly, cost-effective alternative to traditional printing technique,” said Tim Largier, manager of research and development at Foster, in a statement. “It benefits users at the delivery level by providing a permanent and safe method for labeling medical devices and components.”

The LazerMed technology is manufactured using state-of-the-art laser marking pigments. These pigments provide a versatile printing platform that can be used in most plastic materials, according to the company. These include transparent and opaque materials that are used in medical device applications. The laser marking pigments are weather-durable, available for high temperature applications, and have passed USP Class VI testing for biocompatibility.

Foster Corporation ( provides medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers with technology and service in the field of biomedical materials, which include custom medical compounds, implantable materials, drug-and-polymer blends, and polymer-additive distribution. Foster, which operates within ISO 13485:2016 certified facilities, said that it offers customers “comprehensive support from formulation development through production.”

This technical information has been contributed by

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