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One-Action Lead Socket Connector Provides Reduced Assembly Time, Stable Attachment

The space-saving 2.6mm (W) x 3.5mm (L) x 2.1mm (H) size makes Yokowo's Lead Socket Connector the smallest offered in its class. (Photo: Business Wire)

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill.–Yokowo has introduced a new Lead Socket Connector that is said to enable easy one-action lead wire connection to a printed circuit board (PCB) for improved stability and decreased assembly time.

In the fast growing LED lighting market, lead wire is a major component used in connecting a board to a lighting module. The conventional method of manually soldering the wire to a board presents limitations that result in a complicated assembly process and an unstable connection. Yokowo's new one-action Lead Socket Connector, however, eliminates wire soldering and allows users to easily plug the lead wire into the socket, the company said in a press release. A two-contact lock structure ensures a reliable connection.

According to Yokowo, the space-saving 2.6mm (W) x 3.5mm (L) x 2.1mm (H) size of the connector makes it the smallest offered in its class. Available Yokowo models include an Insulation Cap Type and a Standard (terminal only) Type.

Applications for the Lead Socket Connector include LED lighting, LCD television backlights, tablets, PCs, and any device where a lead wire must be soldered onto a PCB.

Yokowo's Lead Socket Connector features 1 position, a 4A rated current, a 30mΩ maximum contact resistance, operating temperatures ranging from -40°C to +105°C, voltage of 12V AC/DC, and rated cycles of five times. It is compatible with AWG 22, 24 single/overcoat twisted wire.

The Lead Socket Connector is SMT specified and currently in production. Upon request, free samples are available in quantities of less than 30 (excluding shipping costs).

Yokowo ( bills itself as the world's largest spring connector manufacturer. The company offers a wide range of standard and custom pogo pins and connectors. Space saving and low profile spring pin designs are available for maximum design freedom.

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