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Logic PD Honored with Design Award for Work on Innovative Ultrasound Healing Therapy Device

MINNEAPOLIS—Logic PD, an engineering design and product development company known for its work with medical and connected devices, recently announced that it received a prestigious GOOD DESIGN® Award for its design work on Alliqua BioMedical’s UltraMIST™ Ultrasound Healing Therapy System. The Good Design Award is presented by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design, together with the Metropolitan Arts Press Ltd., and is given to the world’s leading designers to acknowledge creativity, modernization, advancement, and outstanding products that stretch the boundaries of average design.

Alliqua BioMedical, a wound care solutions company in Langhorne, Pa., came to Logic PD to design, develop, and manufacture the company’s next generation MIST® Therapy device to easily transition the treatment to new markets and improve therapy efficacy. The resulting UltraMIST System offers physicians an integrated treatment solution with on-board controls to improve treatment times; it also gives physicians the confidence of proper treatment while putting the focus back on the patient.

MIST Therapy involves the use of noncontact, low-frequency ultrasound, delivered through a saline mist to accelerate wound healing. Unlike conventional wound treatments that are limited to treating the surface, MIST Therapy delivers ultrasound energy into and below the wound bed to stimulate cells and shorten the healing process. More than 1.4 million MIST Therapy treatments have been performed to date, benefiting a wide range of patients, according to Alliqua.

The primary challenge in creating UltraMIST was to uncover the hidden needs of the physicians and their patients, and balance that with Alliqua’s business goals of expanding the treatment to new markets.

“Critical to the success of the next generation product was making UltraMIST easier to use while keeping the effectiveness of MIST Therapy treatment intact,” said Bruce DeWitt, president and CEO, Logic PD, in a company release. “Leveraging the latest in ultrasonics, we were able to offer the customer better control over treatment delivery, which led to the expansion of MIST Therapy into a wider range of applications.”

A key element of the workflow assessment pointed to the need for the display on the console to be relocated to the treatment wand. By moving the user interface to the treatment wand, the user could focus on the patient without having to look over their shoulder at the console. This improves the patient experience and the ease of delivery of the therapy. The redesign also moved the saline control function to the treatment wand, providing clinicians with better control over the precise delivery of the treatment.

“In the U.S. alone, up to $25 billion is spent each year to treat chronic, non-healing wounds,” stated Nino Pionati, chief strategy and marketing officer of Alliqua BioMedical, Inc., in a release from Alliqua. “Reducing healthcare expenditures and improving patient quality of care in this field requires technologies that both reduce the time-to-heal and are easy for healthcare providers to use. By incorporating state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology into a small, sleek and user-friendly design, the UltraMIST System offers practitioners an easy way to promote healing in a wide variety of chronic wounds. We are therefore pleased that the excellent design and development work that went into this project has been recognized by such an award.”

“While winning awards is always a ‘nice thing’ to have happen, the true measure is the feedback from Alliqua customers on the product’s usability,” said DeWitt. “From the initial product discussions through the design and production process, it was an extraordinary experience to work alongside a company that keeps their customers’ needs as the end goal.”

This technical information has been contributed by
Logic PD

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