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New Specification Provides Additional Material Option for Engineers

Materion's SupremEX Receives Second SAE-AMS Specification

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio–Materion Corporation ( recently reported that the Society of Automotive Engineers' Aerospace Material Specification Nonferrous Alloys Committee (SAE–AMS)– has approved specification of AMS4368 for Materion’s SupremEX® 640XA. The AMS specification allows engineers to reference a national standard for material properties and ensures supply is available to meet demand. This is Materion's second AMS specification for a SupremEX metal matrix composite.

SupremEX 640XA is a high quality, aerospace grade aluminum composite that is used for national defense, aviation, and space applications. The composite material provides improved performance in aero–engine components and aircraft structures because it is 60 percent lighter than steel and 36 percent lighter than titanium, yet offers high strength, stiffness, and fatigue properties that significantly increase a component’s capability and useful life, according to Materion.

SupremEX also provides superior damage tolerance and improved wear resistance when compared to conventional alloys. Because SupremEX has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, components made of the composite will not deform over the range of temperatures experienced during flight, Materion said in a press release.

"Other Materion aerospace–grade products have earned SAE–AMS specifications, including SupremEX 225XE, so we understand the value of this designation," said W. Glenn Maxwell, president of Materion Performance Alloys and Composites, in the release. "With this specification, it's much easier and faster for engineers to include the material in their designs and recommend it to new customers. In fact, many engineers will not consider using materials without SAE–AMS specifications."

SupremEX 640XA is reinforced with 40 percent silicon carbide particles and is manufactured using a proprietary mechanical alloying process to ensure a homogenous reinforcement distribution. It provides a refined grain structure and enhanced mechanical properties, making it "an ideal replacement for aluminum, titanium, steel, and other structural alloys and composites," according to Materion.

SAE International is a global association of more than 138,000 engineers and related technical experts in the aerospace, automotive and commercial–vehicle industries. Standards from SAE International are used to advance mobility engineering throughout the world.

This technical information has been contributed by
Materion Corporation

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