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PrinterPrezz to Work With SI-BONE to Speed Innovation in Metal 3D Printed Orthopedic Medical Devices

FREMONT, Calif.–PrinterPrezz, Inc., recently announced that it signed a customer agreement with SI-BONE, Inc., a medical device company that pioneered the minimally invasive surgical treatment of the sacroiliac joint with the iFuse Implant System®. As part of the agreement, PrinterPrezz will provide SI-BONE with development and build services for potential future 3D-printed advanced medical devices and implants.

“Our surgeons are asking for more metal 3D-printed medical solutions to help their patients, and we continue to push forward our R&D to deliver solutions for those who can benefit from surgical treatment of SI joint disorders,” said Scott Yerby, chief technology officer of SI-BONE, in a press release. “Working with PrinterPrezz’s local Bay Area Innovation Center enables extremely fast turnarounds for our engineering team. This allows us to test prototypes more quickly and iterate using 3D-printed models in pursuit of better patient outcomes.”

PrinterPrezz aims to connect medicine with manufacturing to bring more ideas for innovative medical devices to market faster. The company recently opened an innovation center in Silicon Valley that combines metal 3D printing technologies with digital design services, proprietary nanotechnologies, and surgical expertise to design and manufacture next generation medical devices.

“Every year, the percentage of people being impacted by injuries from sports and a growing aging population increases,” said Shri Shetty, CEO of PrinterPrezz, in the release. “We’re expecting the orthopedic market size to increase from $5 billion to $50 billion dollars. SI-BONE is at the forefront of providing minimally invasive surgical products for the sacroiliac joint, seeking to help patients around the world who are suffering from low back pain caused by SI joint dysfunction. We’re working closely with SI-BONE to accelerate ground-breaking development of high-performance devices to meet the demands of this large and underserved market. Leveraging our multidisciplinary team of clinicians and engineers, as well as our suite of 3D printers, 3D manipulation software, and 3D scanners, PrinterPrezz helps customers bring life-changing orthopedic devices to market faster.”

The PrinterPrezz Innovation Center, based in Fremont, California, establishes a MedifacturingTM ecosystem that is said to bridge the gap between medical and manufacturing expertise through its blended workforce of skilled surgeons, engineers, and materials scientists. The ecosystem aims to solve challenges for various parts of the medical innovation value chain by providing prototyping, development, and manufacturing services to create life-enhancing medical devices.

PrinterPrezz said that its MedifacturingTM approach provides expertise and advanced production capabilities to customers in areas where they need help most. For medical device designers, this means expert knowledge in both the operating room and the manufacturing floor.

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