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Norsk Titanium Collaborating with QuesTek Innovations to Test Novel Titanium Alloys

FARNBOROUGH, England–Norsk Titanium (Norsk) and QuesTek Innovations LLC (QuesTek) have announced a collaborative effort to test novel titanium alloys for applicability in additive manufacturing processes. As part of the collaboration, the companies are evaluating a QuesTek-designed titanium alloy using Norsk's Rapid Plasma DepositionTM (RPDTM) process. Preliminary evaluation of the alloy is complete and Norsk has manufactured initial test specimens, the companies said in a joint release from the Farnborough International Airshow.

The test program will characterize the alloy microstructure, provide initial material properties, and confirm QuesTek's titanium alloy performance using Norsk's proven production process. QuesTek's patented titanium alloy is reported to have previously demonstrated approximately 15 percent greater strength and improved ductility over traditional Ti-6Al-4V in both wire-based electron beam additive manufacturing and traditional casting processes.

"We are excited to be working closely with Norsk Titanium's business and technical team to evaluate our alloy in their proven process," said QuesTek Manager of Business Development Jeff Grabowski, in the release. "Based on our interactions with the major aerospace component suppliers and aircraft OEMs in the U.S., Europe, and Japan, we know there is a significant desire for reliable, higher performance additive manufactured titanium components that will enable light weighting and an increase in component life."

When implemented, the new alloy is expected to provide material properties in excess of the standard Ti-6Al-4V already provided by Norsk.

"Norsk is continually evaluating new applications of our process beyond the structural airframe components in production today," stated Norsk Vice President of Product Development Nicholas Mayer. "QuesTek's novel titanium alloy will allow RPDTM to grow into new applications and will allow designers to take further advantage of the benefits of additive processes."

Norsk Titanium AS ( is a pioneering supplier of aerospace-grade, additively manufactured, structural titanium components. The company's patented Rapid Plasma DepositionTM (RPDTM) process transforms titanium wire into complex components that are suitable for structural and safety-critical applications. Norsk Titanium is a tier-1 supplier to Boeing.

QuesTek Innovations ( is a specialist in integrated computational materials engineering (ICME). QuesTek has used its proprietary Materials by Design® methodology to rapidly design and deploy a family of commercially-available Ferrium® steels that are being used in demanding military landing gear applications, flight-critical components on SpaceX rockets, and are being qualified to increase the power density and durability of next generation helicopter transmission gears. QuesTek has been involved in 30 projects to resolve materials issues across various alloy systems in additive manufacturing (Al, Mg, Cu, Fe, Co, Ni and Ti) to improve component performance.

This technical information has been contributed by
Norsk Titanium

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