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Connector Manufacturer Announces New Connectors and PCB Options

CAMARILLO, Calif.—ODU, a designer and manufacturer of high performance connectors, is targeting the U.S. market for product offerings that include two connectors—a modular rectangular connector and a and a miniature one—and multiple printed circuit board (PCB) options.

The company’s ODU- MAC® ZERO modular rectangular connector is a compact and flexible connector designed for a wide range of medical, industrial electronics, and measurement and testing applications. Described as a versatile hybrid connector with plastic housing, it has an ergonomic design and durability up to 60,000 mating cycles, according to a release from ODU.

The new connector can fit up to 90 connection points and 18 module types, including modules for signal, power, coax, fiber optic, high speed, lens connector for POF, and an 8 channel module for a coax option. Other product features include three different outlets (straight, 45°, and 90°), lightweight, and 7 color coding options for the bend relief. The connector is available in a non-magnetic version, and all touchable parts are nickel free.

Another connector offering, ODU’s MEDI-SNAP®, is a plastic circular connector with miniature push-pull locking designed for medical, industrial and test and measurement applications. The connector is said to be valuable for applications such as catheters, defibrillators, inhalation devices, patient monitoring systems, and medical hand tools. However, it is also reportedly suited for wearable computer devices, vibration sensors, hand controllers, power supplies, signal generators, hand held devices, and foot switches.

Additional features of the miniature connectors include versatile coding possibilities and customizable capabilities. The lightweight connectors are RoHS-compliant and are reported to have high chemical resistance and the durability to withstand more than 2,000 mating cycles. The connectors are also autoclavable and sterilizable.

Also new to the U.S. market, ODU’s printed circuit board options are offered along with advanced cable assembly and are part of the company’s “complete connector portfolio” for vision systems. The ODU AMC®, ODU AMC® High-Density, and ODU MINI-SNAP® can be terminated with PC boards, flex layers, or rigid flex solutions, ODU reported. The solder process is tested and qualified for all available inserts. Consistent mounting dimensions enable data, power, and signal transfer through multiple connectors to the same PCB board.

ODU’s connector series are said to be suited for factory automation in the automotive industry, consumer goods, general manufacturing, packaging, robotics, and web inspection. They can also be used in non-industrial vision systems in the biomedical, aerospace and defense, medical diagnostics, industrial research, surveillance, and transportation industries.

ODU-USA (, a vertically integrated enterprise, provides in-house molding and custom connector capabilities, integrated cable assembly, rapid prototyping and product development, and local one-on-one engineering support.

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